Buzzing Paradoxes

from by Candle



One of the great things about Jeskola Buzz is that you can program every single parameter of every single instrument & effect in your project. But one of the coolest features, that up until now I had never used, is the Randomization feature. Basically you can randomize any value for any parameter you want. Well I decided to go overkill on this notion. I dropped the PrimiFun synth into a project & created random values for all of its parameters. I then did the same with a Garage synth. My next step was to use some of Buzz's Peer Controllers. These are special Buzz Machines that can control multiple parameters of other machines. I hooked up the signal coming from the PrimiFun to a Peer Envelope machine which is designed to have the incoming audio signal determine the parameter value it is assigned to affect. I had this Peer Envelope assigned to affect a Peer-Note-Pool (which controls the possibility of every tone of note being played each tick (Buzz's base time unit). The Peer-Note-Pool was assigned to send note values to the CafeBass machine, as well as the ASET-2121 VSTi. I then dropped a Rectal Anarchy synth into the project & had its note determinations controlled by a Peer LFO (a Peer Machine that sends control information to another machine based on an LFO). I did the same for the SA-20 Drum Machine. I then slapped on some mastering effects & the Morex Word Out recorder machine to render the track to a 16Bit Stereo PCM WAV.

This is the result of the experiment. I think it turned out pretty good.


from Methodical Variations Volume III, released March 26, 2017
Music, Performance & Production: Candle


all rights reserved



Candle Kenora, Ontario

Darby Spicer’s ongoing experimental-space rock project CANDLE fuses psychadelic & progressive rock stylings with ambient sounds & textures that create emotion driven soundscapes that only need to be experienced to be understood.

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